BIO48000: Current Topics in Microbiology

This is an upper-level elective course that takes a molecular approach towards understanding antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, a major public health crisis that threatens the extraordinary health benefits we have achieved with antibiotics over the years. The course includes evaluation and analysis of relevant primary literature articles from both basic science and social impact perspectives.

BIO229000: Cell and Molecular Biology

This is an undergraduate core course that covers fundamental concepts at the cellular and molecular level of living organisms, including structure, metabolism, genetics, and response mechanisms. The laboratory component focuses on commonly employed techniques and procedures in molecular and cellular biology research.

BIO35000: Advanced Microbiology

This is an upper-level elective course that explores the fundamental biology, diversity, and utility of microorganisms. The laboratory component introduces the student to techniques used in studying bacterial morphologies, growth, isolation, identification, metabolism, controlling bacterial growth, and genetics.

BIOL C0300/BIOL71013: Graduate Molecular Biology

This is a graduate level course that focuses on the molecular biology of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes. The topics covered in lectures and relevant readings focus on DNA replication, recombination and repair, gene regulation, mRNA processing, translation, and protein structure and modification with an emphasis on the logic of experimental design and data analysis.